EXPO 2015 | Austria Pavilion

EXPO Austria Pavilion

Architect: Klaus K. Loenhart of the team Terrain of Graz

Concept of Austria Pavilion: “…a space where architecture, nature, culture and research come together in a unique experiential journey. The pavilion creates a small scale Austrian forest that provides 62.5 kilograms of fresh oxygen every hour, without filters or conditioners, which is enough for 1,800 people in an ideal climate, providing wellness and absorbing CO2. It is a green lung that induces the desire for a cleaner world, offering a model for urban practices that can ensure a higher quality of life and demonstrating the benefits of a reforestation policy against the global decline of green areas”via expo2015.org

EXPO Austria

EXPO Austria

EXPO Austria

EXPO Austria Pavilion (4)

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