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Wind House

Every project has a connotation that makes it different, unique and unrepeatable. The Wind House has two unusual features, the first one is that it is in a suburb that has not been built yet, having no neighbors whatsoever, and it faces the stunning Primavera Woods. The other one is it’s calling to be a house where kids will grow, the youngest a newborn and the eldest only four years old. And this is doubtlessly the real job, to create the scenery where this kid’s childhood will take place, and therefore several aspects are handled differently.

The area of most importance in the program, for starters, is the place where these children can play, paint and do homework located right next to the kitchen in order to be under the continuous care, surveillance and company of their mother. A playground and the garden where placed right there because that is the purpose of this area: to come out to play, stroll, sit down to eat, by all means their space.

Wind House

The garage which in other projects has been placed underneath the house is, in this occasion, a patio for riding bicicles, tricycles, skates or scooters. There will also be piñatas, baskets, balls and all sorts of games until this little ones grow up, and cars will be able to park here while they are not using it.

The rest is for the kitchen, laundry room, living and terrace, a terrace that looks out to the playground. And the top floor is also designed with this point of view: three bedrooms with bath and dressing rooms, one for each of the children, and all three of them meet in a family room that can be totally closed by night with wooden retractile doors. Finally the master suite which can communicate with this family but can also be totally isolated and both bed and bathroom face an inside patio that hosts a bonsai collection.

A box that holds the stairway is a great window that points to the Primavera Woods and a girder that makes the terrace, framing the Wind House and dividing it between upper and lower floor, private and public areas, defying gravity and taking that which has named it: the wind that passes onto the woods.


Wind House

Text by Ana Guerrerosantos

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