Why I love all the music-videos of “Of Monsters and Men” – Weweremonkeys production

Because they are simply spectacular, and in many ways I see fantastic architecture in these videos – which pleases me very much.

The credit is all boys WeWereMonkeys production, a design studio and video animation that invents worlds, landscapes and wonderful characters. All this while listening to the beautiful music of the Icelandic group.

Below I have collected some screenshots of some videos of the “Of Monsters and Men” that best portray situations with absurd architectures. Enjoy them!

Omam Da Finner

Weweremonkeys production

Weweremonkeys production

Omam re e Cuor di Leone 4

Weweremonkeys production

Omam Piccoli Talks


Here is a short film always from WeWereMonkeys. I propose this work to you because if you have some time and you like the style of these videos, then you will find a small masterpiece

OVO is a short film by WeWereMonkeys production.

Director : Mihai Wilson
Producer : Marcella Moser
Starring : Kazumichi Nakashima, Stacy Lundeen, Ron Stone & Marie-France Tessier
Written by: Mihai Wilson, Marcella Moser, Davide Di Saró
Art Direction and Visual Effects : Mihai Wilson
Original Score : Starscaper