Architects: URBANTAINER Location: Seoul, South Korea Project Year: 2016 Photographer: URBANTAINER About from the architect: “Common Ground is the result of an experiment of revitalising unused land in the middle of the city. By applying prefab methods, e.g. producing modules in a factory, transporting them to the construction site and assembling them on-site, it was […]

Sammezzano Castle

The Sammezzano Castle is probably the most incredible abandoned architecture in all of Italy. The castle is of Moorish architectural origins, situated in Tuscany, not far from Florence, where reside ceilings, walls and foundations typical of splendid Moorish decoration. Built in the XVI century, the castle was subsequently converted into a private residence of Moorish […]

subterranean theme park

This incredible tourist attraction -called Salina Turda – is in the deep Transylvanian countryside. This place is an ancient salt mine that exists for over two millennia. Richard John Seymour, a British photographer, recently visited this subterranean theme park to documents a fascinating landscape: “Photographing this space was a challenge due to its sheer scale. Humans […]

Office La Serenissima
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The office La Serenissima was designed in 1962 for the Campari company by the Soncini Brothers in the heart of Milan – next to the historic building “Cà Brutta” by Giovanni Muzio. Park Associati, an architecture firm based in Milan, have dealt with the refurbishment of this LEED Gold Certified Building in 2012. “The aim of the new scheme […]