Architecture for the visually impaired

The idea of  startup Tooteko  is to succeed providing – Architecture for the visually impaired – the perception of a building by touch and audio description. Tooteko was born three years ago, at the end of 2012, thanks to the thesis of Serena Ruffato (in collaboration with Fabio D’Agnano, head of the master in digital architecture, and […]

Ultralight Metallic Microlattices

Probably we are facing an Innovative building material. Boeing has developed a material called Ultralight Metallic Microlattices, it is very durable and is a hundred times lighter than Styrofoam. It is ready for industrialization and probably it will be applied to the aircraft. But we’re imagining all the possible applications in other sectors, including architecture. […]

Edge Amsterdam Office

Probably this is now the most innovative and efficient building in the world. It is “The Edge” in Amsterdam, the Dutch Headquarter of Deloitte. Besides efficiency, what distinguishes this building is also the connectivity, that reaches its full potential when building a smart architecture that is able to integrate data to reduce energy consumption. The […]


Snøhetta has recently completed the ZEB Pilot House – together with Scandinavia’s Research Center on Zero Emissions Building (ZEB partner Brødrene Dahl), and Optimera. This gorgeous house is located in Ringdalskogen, Norway, and it is unique because it’s full of great architecture and fine technology. The principal aim was to expand the ecological awareness in the design process and […]