dynamic facade

We live in the digital age, where visual communication is everything. In this era even architecture is transforming, the facades are changing and adapting to prevailing trends – they experience themselves in color, forms, light, twist and iconic exercises. Architects lead them to the limit, physically and conceptually. Rules of proportion and other old teachings […]

Architects & DesignersTheory

For years, architecture has been thought as an art for few illuminated experts; a technique that only selected professionals were able to manage. For years, the project architect’s signature has as well been the signature of the building itself. In the XX century in particular, great names of the architecture scenario confronted in technic innovation […]

Architectural PhotographyTheory

This series of facades of Venice is a work I did last spring. It was born from my theoretical reflections on the city. But don’t worry, you can always go through the buildings without concerning about reflecting and thinking! I wanted to share this series of photographs because, like everyone, every time I go to […]