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Ukrainian artists Vitality and Elena Vasilieva have built these scenarios and photographed these unreal situations that speak about a post-modern future, predicting an architectural apocalypse. The project takes into consideration five pieces of great architectures, five icons of the history of architecture, designed by five teachers of all the times: Frank Lloyd Wright, Oscar Niemeyer, Renzo […]

Architectural Photography

Sebastian Weiss is a photographer, a civil engineer and a graphic designer from Hamburg, Germany. After having a great success on Instagram, in September 2013 he became a photo columnist for Architectural Digest Germany, an incredible recognition for his career. Looking at his photographs, we understand the reason. His photographs attract our attention and our […]

Architectural Photography

We have already seen similar objects in totalitarian regimes – the monuments of Ex Yugoslavia – is really remarkable that in these dictatorial governments are born these true works of art. This time the context is the former Soviet republic which has been able to produce an amazing architectural culture with Russian constructivism of the […]

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Spomenik monuments are incredible structures scattered throughout all over the territory of the former Yugoslavia. During the 60’s and 70’s, Josip Broz Tito built these massive concrete memorials to commemorate sites where the fighting had taken place in World War II. Structures that today are amazing – impressive and strong. Today they are largely neglected and […]