Architectural Photography

So-called Big O because of its circular shape seen from above, Montreal’s Olympic stadium designed by French architect Roger Taillibert hosted the 1976 Games of the XXI Olympiad. On this occasion, young Romanian Nadia Comăneci scored seven perfect 10.0 and won three gold medals, including the prestigious All-Around for the first time in the history […]

Copenhagen and Malmö architectural Facades
Architectural Photography

This project is a collaboration between Nick Frank and Jeanette Hägglund. It is called “Temptations” and consists in “Minimals from Copenhagen and Malmö architectural facades” . There is not much to say. These are beautiful geometric images that have the power to affect every architect and all those who appreciate the art of building. Here below a […]

Architectural PhotographyBooks

The book Phaidon Shooting Space is able to provide an overview about the world of architecture and the built environment. Few other arts are so united as are the architecture and photography. Thanks to photography in fact we can observe places and buildings that probably will never see in a lifetime. This publication Phaidon Shooting Space covers […]

Mathieu Pernot
Architectural Photography

This is the end we would like to see for many buildings in our cities (obviously without people inside). Mathieu Pernot’s photographs of buildings imploding can be read as a universal representation of failed Architecture, caused by architects or urban planners who design from their desks without going into the streets to really understand the […]

Architectural Photography

A personal collection of  the best architectural instagram feeds. These account are the ones that most impressed me since I landed on instagram. Mostly their subjects are buildings and interiors, but often these amazing photographers are able to capture also stunning landscapes and urban scenes – each one with the same characteristic: they leave you […]

Architectural PhotographyTheory

This series of facades of Venice is a work I did last spring. It was born from my theoretical reflections on the city. But don’t worry, you can always go through the buildings without concerning about reflecting and thinking! I wanted to share this series of photographs because, like everyone, every time I go to […]