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The book Phaidon Shooting Space is able to provide an overview about the world of architecture and the built environment. Few other arts are so united as are the architecture and photography. Thanks to photography in fact we can observe places and buildings that probably will never see in a lifetime. This publication Phaidon Shooting Space covers […]


Sometimes we can read or share something about the architectural culture, but reflections about this topic are often missing, there is a vacant place. San Rocco magazine is born from the exigency of having a new issue about architecture and from the consciousness of the wide discrepancy between commercial and academic publications. The magazine was […]


Pet Architecture is a book that takes its origins from the consciousness that Tokyo is a complicated city. Even from a brief analysis it is possible to understand that an integrated urban planning has never been done – the metropolis was born as the result of interventions and spontaneous architectures. Moreover, Tokyo is a reality […]