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With designers ever conscious of how their projects will appear on Instagram, a host of jaw-dropping interiors that push the design boundaries define the twelfth edition of INSIDE, the World Festival of Interiors. Whether it’s a novelty cat café in Guangzhou, China, or a global heritage brand such as Fortnum and Mason inside London’s Royal […]

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Architects: URBANTAINER Location: Seoul, South Korea Project Year: 2016 Photographer: URBANTAINER About from the architect: “Common Ground is the result of an experiment of revitalising unused land in the middle of the city. By applying prefab methods, e.g. producing modules in a factory, transporting them to the construction site and assembling them on-site, it was […]

subterranean theme park
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This incredible tourist attraction -called Salina Turda – is in the deep Transylvanian countryside. This place is an ancient salt mine that exists for over two millennia. Richard John Seymour, a British photographer, recently visited this subterranean theme park to documents a fascinating landscape: “Photographing this space was a challenge due to its sheer scale. Humans […]

Ferrari Fuksas
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In the Ferrari Headquarters there are all together the most beautiful cars in the world, one of the most prestigious factories and a number of buildings designed by architects such as Renzo Piano and Massimiliano Fuksas … Hardly you are still able to contain your emotions and remain impassive. If we then add also the Formula 1, […]