Even Architecture (Architizer) raise founds from Venture Capitals

architizer financing

Architizer has received Series A financing (first significant round of venture capital financing), $7 million by August Capital – to develop an online products marketplace for architects.

It is a huge success for the north American architecture media. And it is very important step for the world of architecture communication – this financing underlines the importance of network communication even in architecture.

Architizer’s initial focus was on enabling architects to create online portfolios and share their work, the magazine offers editorial content and a database of more than 100,000 projects by firms around the world. In 2013, it launched also the A+ Awards, an international awards program. Now, 6 years later the foundation, it’s a big company capable to change the entire field of architecture.

Its founder, Marc Kushner is a sort of genius of Architecture, here you can listen his point of view in this TED talk

“At Architizer, we believe we can unlock the inherent power of that vast sum to empower the entire industry, not just track the economy.”

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