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Archiobjects is a blog founded in 2012 by an architecture student. It started as a simple blog and now, with hours of readings and passion, is a simple website. I created this site because I love architecture, and I want to share my studies. I firmly believe that every person in some way loves architecture, and for this reason everyone should care about it.

The mission of Archiobjects is simple. Through the eyes of the author, through his experiences of travel and study, it will seek to reflect and move the interest of as many as possible. It is pure sharing. There will never be lessons – Only bits of advice and a small dose of architectural criticism. Of course, each of us makes his idea of what architecture is. Archiobjects too.


My personal experience, some stories and a lot of inspirations

Architecture is not a limited field and, for this reason, there are several categories including all the fields surround architecture. ARCHITECTURE, INNOVATION, DESIGN, SUSTAINABILITY, CULTURE, PEOPLE.
All categories include subcategories to cover all the interesting stuff. To better understand the content and have an overview at first sight I created this page for you.

Archiobjects is a creative and dynamic place where we share ideas and passions. Both in terms of personal point of view, both going around in the wonderful world that is the web.
To move forward, we have to look back. For this conviction, you will find a lot of history and a lot of theory in Archiobjects, along with recalls of the greatest architects who deserve to be remembered and appreciated.


An aspiring architect, who loves travelling, living and speaking about Architecture.

In 2008, I enrolled at the Faculty of Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano. From that moment on, I continued being interested in architecture. I share my story, my travels, my reflections. Because I love spreading architecture. I am based in Milan, but I often travel around Europe and the world.

Beyond architecture as the art of building, I love communication and, specifically, communicating architecture. The phrase that best represents my idea in this field is "We live inside architecture" just because we are all part of it, so it's worth spreading and raise awareness.

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