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Sammezzano Castle

The Sammezzano Castle is probably the most incredible abandoned architecture in all of Italy. The castle is of Moorish architectural origins, situated in Tuscany, not far from Florence, where reside ceilings, walls and foundations typical of splendid Moorish decoration. Built in the XVI century, the castle was subsequently converted into a private residence of Moorish […]

Architectural Photography

So-called Big O because of its circular shape seen from above, Montreal’s Olympic stadium designed by French architect Roger Taillibert hosted the 1976 Games of the XXI Olympiad. On this occasion, young Romanian Nadia Comăneci scored seven perfect 10.0 and won three gold medals, including the prestigious All-Around for the first time in the history […]

Wind House

Every project has a connotation that makes it different, unique and unrepeatable. The Wind House has two unusual features, the first one is that it is in a suburb that has not been built yet, having no neighbors whatsoever, and it faces the stunning Primavera Woods. The other one is it’s calling to be a […]

subterranean theme park

This incredible tourist attraction -called Salina Turda – is in the deep Transylvanian countryside. This place is an ancient salt mine that exists for over two millennia. Richard John Seymour, a British photographer, recently visited this subterranean theme park to documents a fascinating landscape: “Photographing this space was a challenge due to its sheer scale. Humans […]

Editor's Arch review

Foundation Louis Vuitton in  Paris is an awesome project inaugurated last year and designed by Frank Gehry. Daniel Buren, Architect and Artist has recently realized the colorful art installation “L’Observatoire de la lumière”, work in situ. Now, the white glassy curved sails of the Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris have been stained with 13 vibrant colors.  “It […]

Architects & DesignersCulture

For years, architecture has been thought as an art for few illuminated experts; a technique that only selected professionals were able to manage. For years, the project architect’s signature has as well been the signature of the building itself. In the XX century in particular, great names of the architecture scenario confronted in technic innovation […]